Bahrain eVisa Types

The Bahrain eVisa system represents a sophisticated electronic visa service, facilitating the entry of eligible travellers into Bahrain through an online application process. This system negates the necessity for a visit to Bahraini diplomatic missions, offering a streamlined, convenient, and efficient visa procurement process. 

Comprehensive Guide to Applying for a Bahrain eVisa

Eligible individuals seeking to enter Bahrain must complete an online application and send in the required supporting materials, including a copy of their passport and a passport-sized photograph. Payment of the visa fee is conducted electronically via credit or debit card. Upon approval, the visa is delivered via email and prepared for printing and presentation when you get to Bahraini border control.

The selection of the appropriate eVisa type is contingent upon the visitor's intended purpose in Bahrain. Before applying, one must acquaint oneself with each visa category's specific prerequisites and stipulations.

Visa Classification

Visas to the Kingdom of Bahrain are classified based on various factors:

  • Purpose of Visit: The Bahrain eVisa is engineered to offer a seamless route for eligible travellers to secure entry into Bahrain for diverse purposes such as tourism, business endeavours, employment, and familial visits, among others. The precise requirements for each eVisa category are tailored to the visit's objective.

  • Sponsorship Requirement: Most Bahraini visas necessitate sponsorship (e.g., by a Bahraini company, hotel, or travel agency). However, under specific conditions, unsponsored visas are available for certain nationalities and purposes.

  • Visa Type: Distinctions between "standard" visas and "eVisas" highlight the traditional versus electronic means of obtaining visa clearance.

  • Entry Nature: Visas may be categorized under single or multiple-entry schemes.

  • Issuance Location: While on-arrival visas are obtainable for certain travellers, pre-arrangement through a sponsor or embassy is commonplace.

Types of Bahrain eVisas

Bahrain's electronic visa (eVisa) system facilitates the entry of foreign nationals into the country through an online application process. The system caters to various purposes of visits, offering different types of eVisas to meet the diverse needs of international travellers. Below is a detailed overview of the kinds of Bahrain eVisas available:

1. General Visit eVisa

The General Visit Bahrain eVisa facilitates short stays for tourism or business purposes, allowing eligible travellers to enjoy holidays, attend business meetings, or visit family and friends in Bahrain. It's crucial to note that this eVisa does not permit paid employment within the country; those seeking to work must obtain a specific work visa.

Visa Categories Under Bahrain's General Visit eVisa:

  • Tourism eVisa:
    • Purpose: For tourists visiting Bahrain's attractions and cultural sites.
    • Eligibility: Available to travellers from eligible countries on leisure trips.
    • Stay Duration: Aligns with the tourist's travel itinerary within the visa validity.
  • Family Visit eVisa:
    • Purpose: To visit family members living in Bahrain.
    • Eligibility: Proof of relationship to the Bahrain resident is required.
    • Stay Duration: Based on visit details and the nature of the relationship.
  • Business Meeting eVisa:
    • Purpose: To attend business engagements in Bahrain.
    • Eligibility: Business travellers with confirmed business event invitations.
    • Stay Duration: Tailored to the business visit schedule within the visa period.

Each eVisa category is designed to meet specific travel needs, ensuring visitors choose the right visa type for their Bahrain visit.

2. F1 Grand Prix eVisa

  • Purpose: For attendees of the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix, one of the country's premier sporting events.
  • Eligibility: Open to international visitors coming to Bahrain specifically for the Grand Prix.
  • Stay Duration: Valid around the event dates, ensuring attendees can enter for the race and associated activities.

3. Investment eVisa

  • Purpose: Designed for foreign investors interested in exploring or initiating investment opportunities within Bahrain.
  • Eligibility: Investors with documented plans or interests in the Bahraini market.
  • Stay Duration: The visa is usually valid for longer periods to facilitate investment processes, subject to the specifics of the investment activities.

4. Self-Sponsor (Residence Permit) eVisa

  • Purpose: Allows individuals to reside in Bahrain without needing a local sponsor, typically used by retirees, independent investors, or entrepreneurs.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must meet certain financial criteria to qualify for self-sponsorship.
  • Stay Duration: Offers a renewable one-year residence with the possibility of extension based on compliance with the visa conditions.

Each eVisa category is tailored to specific visitor needs, ensuring Bahrain's diverse visitor base can find a suitable entry permit. Applicants must carefully choose the eVisa type that best matches the purpose of their visit to ensure compliance with Bahraini immigration policies.

5. Golden residency visa 

Purpose: The Bahrain Golden Residency Visa, also known as the Permanent Residency Visa, is a long-term residency program designed to attract foreign investors, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, retirees, and talented individuals to live, work, and invest in Bahrain.


  • Investors, entrepreneurs, high net-worth individuals.
  • Retirees with minimum income.
  • Exceptionally talented individuals.
  • Existing residents meet specific criteria.


  • Long-term residency (10 years, renewable)
  • Multiple entry and exit
  • Visa-free travel (depending on nationality)
  • No minimum stay requirement
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Business opportunities
  • Potential tax benefits

General Requirements for Bahrain eVisa Application

To apply for a Bahrain eVisa, ensure you meet these essential criteria:

  • Valid Passport: Must be valid for at least six months upon entering Bahrain.
  • Passport-sized Photo: A recent photo taken within the last six months.
  • Travel Itinerary: Confirmed arrival and departure dates, plus accommodation details.
  • Financial Proof: Bank or credit card statement showing sufficient funds for the visit.
  • Health Insurance: Valid coverage for the duration of your stay in Bahrain.
  • Email Address: Needed to receive the eVisa.
  • Payment Method: The online eVisa fee can be paid with a credit or debit card.

Check the Bahrain e-visa website regularly for any updates or additional requirements based on the purpose of your visit.

Apply Online Bahrain eVisa.

Applying for a Bahrain eVisa is a straightforward process that is accessible to applicants from most countries via an online system. Here’s a concise guide:

  • Application Submission:
    • Access the online visa application system.
    • Complete all required fields, including passport and, if necessary, sponsor information.
    • Pay the visa fee using a credit card or e-check.
  • Application Status Check:
    • Visit the Bahrain e-visa website.
    • Select "Check Visa Status" or "Track Application."
    • Input your passport number and application reference.

Your application status will display whether your visa is approved, under review, or denied. Processing times may vary, and updates on the application status could take a few days.


Bahrain offers several eVisa types to suit different visitors' needs:

  • General Visit eVisa: For short-term tourism or business visits.
  • Tourism eVisa: Tailored for tourists exploring Bahrain's sights and culture.
  • Family Visit eVisa: For visiting family members residing in Bahrain, with required proof of relationship.
  • Business Meeting eVisa: Designed to attend business engagements in Bahrain.
  • F1 Grand Prix eVisa: For those attending the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix event.
  • Investment eVisa: For foreign investors interested in Bahraini business opportunities.
  • Self-Sponsor eVisa: For individuals seeking to live in Bahrain without a local sponsor, subject to financial criteria.

Consider your travel purpose, duration, and activities planned in Bahrain to select the appropriate eVisa type.

Yes, Bahrain provides a tourist eVisa for leisure travel.

GCC residents have a specific eVisa category, allowing easier entry into Bahrain.

A single-entry eVisa allows one entry into Bahrain, while a multiple-entry eVisa permits multiple entries within its validity period.

Yes, Bahrain offers short-term work e-Visas for specific work-related visits.

Students can apply for an eVisa, typically under the tourist or visit visa categories, unless they come for study purposes.

Typically, conversions require exiting and reapplying with the correct visa type, but in specific cases, you should consult Bahraini immigration.

Required documents typically include a valid passport, photo, and proof of travel plans and accommodation.

Yes, there's an eVisa category for conference and event attendees.

With your application and passport number, you can use the eVisa portal to check the status online.

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