Bahrain e-visa for Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the portal that unlocks Bahrain's charm for Saudi Arabian citizens. It offers a seamless gateway to explore the Persian Gulf kingdom's mesmerising culture, landscapes, and business avenues. Bahrain extends various e-Visa options to cater to the diverse purposes of your visit, ensuring smooth compliance with immigration regulations and a hassle-free entry experience.

Benefits for GCC Countries Like Saudi Arabia

As GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) members, Saudi Arabian citizens enjoy special considerations that make travelling to Bahrain even more accessible and convenient. These include streamlined visa processing and tailored options that reflect the strong ties between GCC countries.

Bahrain E-Visa Categories:

Bahrain's e-visa system offers several categories based on the nature of your visit:

  • General Visit: For tourism or personal visits.
  • Business Meeting: Catering to professionals attending meetings, conferences, or business engagements.
  • Family Visit: For those visiting family members in Bahrain.
  • Tourism: For leisure and exploration of Bahrain's rich heritage and attractions.
  • F1 Grand Prix: For enthusiasts attending the thrilling Formula 1 race.
  • Investment: Targeted at investors looking into Bahraini opportunities.
  • Self-Sponsorship: Allowing long-term stays for work or family reasons, requiring local sponsorship.

Bahrain Umrah Visa for Saudi Citizens: A Spiritual and Cultural Journey

Saudi citizens seeking a spiritual experience have the unique opportunity to perform Umrah and then explore Bahrain's cultural richness. Unlike the visa exemption for Umrah in Saudi Arabia, those planning to visit Bahrain can utilise a streamlined e-visa process tailored for GCC residents, including Saudis

This makes travelling between the two countries easy and efficient. Bahrain's warm hospitality and array of attractions offer Saudi Umrah pilgrims a seamless travel experience, blending spiritual fulfilment with cultural discovery.

Application Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Online Application
  • Access Portal: Head to the Bahrain e-visa application form and select "Apply e-visa."
  • Fill in Details: Enter your information according to your passport, including occupation and current residency.
  • Upload Documents: Required documents include your passport, return ticket, hotel booking, and a GCC Residency Certificate.
  • Adding Applicants

    For families or groups, you can conveniently add applicants using the same application process.

  • Processing Time and Submission

    Choose your processing time from standard to expedited options based on your travel schedule, review your application for accuracy, and submit it online.

Visa Validity and Stay Duration

The Bahrain e-Visa for Saudi Arabians typically allows for a stay ranging from a few days to a month, with validity extending several months from the issue date. Depending on the visa type, it caters to single or multiple entries.

Processing Time & Cost for Bahrain e-visa for Saudis

  1. Processing times typically range from:
    • Standard Processing: 8 to 10 business days (ideal for those who can plan).
    • Rush Processing: 6 - 8 business days (with an additional fee).
    • Super Rush Processing: 4 - 6 business days (perfect for last-minute travel plans, with the additional fee).
  2. Cost for Bahrain e-visa

    The cost of a Bahrain e-visa depends on several factors as follows-

    • Visa Type & Nationality: Costs vary based on the type of visa (tourist, business, family) and the applicant's nationality, influenced by diplomatic ties.
    • Processing Time: Choose between standard and expedited processing; expedited processing comes with higher fees.

Fee Information: For up-to-date e-visa fees, refer to the Bahrain E-Visa fee page, which provides detailed costs by visa type, nationality, and chosen processing time.

Payment Methods

Complete your application by paying the fee online. Accepted methods include major credit/debit cards like Mastercard, Visa, and UnionPay. Ensure your card is enabled for international transactions.

Why Visit Bahrain?

Saudi Arabian citizens often visit Bahrain for various reasons, including cultural tourism, business ventures, family visits, or attending high-profile events like the F1 Grand Prix. Bahrain's warm hospitality, rich history, and modern attractions make it a compelling destination for Saudi visitors.

Hajj in Saudi Arabia: A Spiritual Journey and the Role of Bahrain Visa

The Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca is a cornerstone of Islam, and Saudi Arabians are fortunate to have it readily accessible.  Performing Hajj within Saudi Arabia brings immense spiritual rewards and fulfils a religious obligation. Bahrain visas can be a valuable aspect of the journey for Saudi citizens

While not mandatory, obtaining a Bahrain visa allows them more access to alternative travel routes or additional visitation opportunities in the region, enhancing their overall Hajj experience.

Travel Advice for a Smooth Journey

  • Plan Ahead: Ensure your passport has at least six months of validity and familiarise yourself with the visa requirements.
  • Health and Safety: Stay updated on health advisories and comply with local health regulations.

Local Laws and Customs: During your stay, respect Bahraini laws, traditions, and cultural sensitivities.


Yes, but they must meet all eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documentation based on the nationality used to apply for the visa.

The e-Visa offers Saudi citizens the convenience of online application, flexibility in travel, and the opportunity to explore Bahrain's cultural and modern attractions efficiently.

Some activities, such as employment and certain business engagements, may require additional authorisation or specific visa types.

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