Bahrain e-visa for Australia

In an era where travel convenience is more valued than ever, the Kingdom of Bahrain has streamlined the process for Australian visitors through its e-visa system. This digital leap not only simplifies the entry procedure but also opens up opportunities for Australians aiming to explore Bahrain's rich culture, history, and modern attractions. Here, we delve into the essentials of the Bahrain e-visa for Australians, ensuring a seamless journey from the land Down Under to the heart of the Gulf.

What is the Bahrain E-Visa?

The Bahrain e-visa is an electronic visa that allows travellers from eligible countries, including Australia, to enter and explore Bahrain. Designed for convenience, the e-visa can be easily applied for and obtained online, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate.

Who Needs a Bahrain e-Visa?

Australian citizens who wish to visit Bahrain for tourism, business, or transit purposes must obtain a Bahrain e-visa. Understanding the visa requirements before planning your trip is crucial to ensuring compliance with Bahraini immigration policies.

Eligibility Criteria for Australian Nationals applying to Bahrain e-visa.

To be eligible for a Bahrain e-visa, Australian citizens must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid Australian passport with a minimum of 6 months' validity after the planned stay in Bahrain.
  • Present a return ticket or proof of further travel.
  • Show evidence of confirmed hotel bookings or accommodation in Bahrain.
  • Show evidence of sufficient funds to cover the stay in Bahrain.

Types of Bahrain e-Visas for Australians

Bahrain's e-visa system offers various visa types to match the purpose of your visit:

  • General Visit: Ideal for tourists or those visiting friends and family.
  • Business Meeting: Tailored for professionals attending meetings, conferences, or business engagements.
  • Family Visit: For individuals visiting family members in Bahrain.
  • Tourism: Catered to those looking to experience Bahrain's cultural sites and attractions.
  • F1 Grand Prix: For enthusiasts attending the thrilling Formula 1 race.
  • Investment: This is for investors looking into business ventures in Bahrain.
  • Self-Sponsorship: Allows longer stays for work or family without requiring local sponsorship.

Document Checklist for the Bahrain e-Visa Application

Ensure you have the following documents ready before applying:

  • A scanned copy of your Australian passport.
  • A recent passport-sized photo.
  • Flight booking details and accommodation proof.
  • Financial records, forex. Bank statements can be used to demonstrate a steady economy.

How do I apply for a Bahrain e-Visa as an Australian citizen?

Obtaining a Bahrain e-visa is simple and just a few essential steps.

  1. Access the Bahrain E-Visa Portal: Visit the website dedicated to the Bahrain e-visa application form.
  2. Complete the Online Application: Fill out the application form with accurate personal, passport, and travel information.
  3. Upload Necessary Documents: Attach digital copies of required documents, including a passport photo and the information page of your passport.
  4. Pay the Visa Fee: Online payments are accepted for a number of payment options, including debit and credit cards.
  5. Receive Your E-Visa: Once processed, the e-visa will be sent directly to your email and prepared for printing and presentation when you get to Bahrain.

How long is the processing application for an e-visa?

For Australian citizens looking to secure a Bahrain e-visa, here are the details on processing times:

  • Normal Processing: Expect a timeframe of 8 to 10 business days. This is a good option for travellers with flexible plans.
  • Rush Processing: This option reduces the wait to 6 - 8 business days for an added fee, suited for those requiring a faster response.
  • Super Rush Processing: Processing can take 4 - 6 business days for urgent travel plans, though it comes with an additional cost.

What is the cost of Bahrain e-visa for Australians?

  • Bahrain e-visa cost varies by visa type (tourist, business, family).
  • The fee is influenced by the number of entries and the applicant's nationality.
  • Processing time choice (standard to expedited) affects the fee.
  • For current fees, Australians should consult the Bahrain e-visa fee page.

Validity and Extensions

The validity of a Bahrain e-visa for Australians typically varies depending on the visa type issued. Generally, tourist e-visas have a validity period that allows entry into Bahrain within 30 days from the date of issue, with a stay permitted for up to two weeks to three months.

Extensions may be available, but an application must be made before the visa expires. Here is the process-

  • Check Eligibility: Verify if your e-visa can be extended.
  • Visit Website: Access the NPRA website for updated extension guidelines.
  • Prepare Documents: Collect necessary documents like your e-visa, passport, and proof of onward travel or extension reason.
  • Submit Application: Apply online via NPRA or visit an immigration office if required.
  • Pay Fee: Ensure payment of any extension fees.
  • Await Approval: Monitor the status of your extension request through NPRA's tracking system.

Planning Your Bahrain Adventure

With the e-visa, Australians can look forward to experiencing all of Bahrain's offers. From the ancient Bahrain Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to the modern skyscrapers that define the skyline of Manama, the country's capital, Bahrain is a land of contrasts. The traditional Bahraini cuisine is also notable, as it shows the good cultural heritage of the island nation.

What are the visa requirements for children travelling to Bahrain?

All visitors, including children, need a visa. If travelling with your children, individual visa applications are necessary, along with a birth certificate as proof of parenthood. For children not biologically yours, parental consent from both parents is required. In cases where a parent has passed away, a death certificate is needed for verification.

Travel Tips for Australians Visiting Bahrain

To ensure a memorable and trouble-free visit to Bahrain, consider the following tips:

  • Respect local customs and dress codes to avoid offending local sensibilities.
  • Be aware of the weather conditions and plan accordingly, especially during the hot summer.
  • Explore Bahrain's rich history, culture, and culinary delights to experience what the country offers fully.


For Australians looking to explore the Middle East, Bahrain presents a compelling destination. The e-visa system embodies Bahrain's welcoming spirit, ensuring that visitors from Australia can easily experience the country's unique blend of tradition and modernity. Whether you're drawn to its historical sites, vibrant culture, or business opportunities, Bahrain's doors are now more open than ever.


Yes, you must apply online before your trip. Bahrain e-visas are not available upon arrival.

While not required, a printed copy of your e-visa is advised for easy presentation to immigration officials.

Extensions depend on the visa type; not all e-visas are extendable. Verify the extension policy when applying.

Rejections are rare but possible, with explanations provided. You may correct any issues and reapply or opt for a conventional visa.

Confirmation will be emailed upon completion of your application.

Applying for friends or family is straightforward, given you have all the required documents. Simply enter their information during the application.

An e-visa is unnecessary if you're not leaving the airport during transit.

A new e-visa application is only possible once the current one expires or if you have a new passport.

Contact customer support immediately. If the application has already been submitted, a new one must be filed, and you'll need to pay the visa fee again.

No, you can bypass visiting the Bahrain Embassy/Consulate using the Bahrain e-Visa system, which is more time-efficient.

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