Bahrain e-Visa for Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's globalised world, the ease of travel has become a paramount concern, especially for countries looking to boost tourism and international business. For Pakistani citizens looking to explore the Kingdom of Bahrain, whether for tourism, business, or visiting relatives, understanding the e-visa process is crucial. This page offers a comprehensive how-to guide for applying for a Bahrain e-Visa from Pakistan. It covers eligibility requirements, required paperwork, the application procedure, and other crucial advice to guarantee a trouble-free trip.

Applying for the Bahrain eVisa as a Pakistani Citizen

Is a Bahrain E-visa necessary for Pakistani nationals visiting the country?

Indeed, Pakistani nationals are required to secure a Bahrain visa for entry. The application process has been simplified to forego the traditional embassy visit for a physical visa. Now, individuals can apply for an e-visa online, providing a more convenient way to obtain travel authorisation before their journey.

Bahrain E-Visa Types:

Bahrain's electronic visa system provides a variety of types tailored to the purpose of your trip:

  • General Visit: Suitable for those coming for tourism or to see friends and relatives.
  • Business Meeting: Designed for individuals participating in meetings, conferences, or business activities.
  • Family Visit: Aimed at individuals visiting their relatives in Bahrain.
  • Tourism: This is for those interested in exploring Bahrain's cultural heritage and tourist attractions.
  • F1 Grand Prix: For fans attending the exciting Formula 1 racing event.
  • Investment: This is for investors interested in exploring business opportunities in Bahrain.
  • Self-Sponsorship: Enables extended stays for employment or family reasons, with the need for local sponsorship.

Eligibility Criteria for Bahrain E-Visa for Pakistan

The Kingdom of Bahrain offers an e-visa to Pakistani nationals, streamlining the visa application process. To be eligible for an e-visa, applicants must:

  • Possess a valid Pakistani passport with at least 6 months remaining until expiration.
  • Have a confirmed onward or return ticket if you plan to travel as a tourist.
  • Provide proof of accommodation in Bahrain, such as hotel bookings.
  • Show evidence of sufficient funds to cover the stay in Bahrain.

Required Documents

Applicants must prepare the following documents for their e-visa application:

  • A scanned copy of the bio page from the passport.
  • Flight booking details and accommodation proof.
  • Bank statements and other financial documents can be used to prove a stable economy.

Application Process

The application for a Bahrain e-Visa involves several straightforward steps:

  1. Visit the Bahrain e-Visa Portal: Access the Bahrain e-Visa application form. Click on the ‘Apply eVisa’ option to start the application.
  2. Complete the application form. Fill in the required information accurately. This includes personal details, passport information, and travel plans.
  3. Upload Necessary Documents: Upload the scanned documents, ensuring they meet the specified criteria for size and format.
  4. Pay the Visa Fee: Fees can be paid online through secure gateways. The payment receipt should be kept as documentation.
  5. Submit and Track Your Application: Using your application ID, you can use the portal to monitor the progress of your submitted e-Visa application.
  6. Visa Approval and Print: Print out the e-Visa to present at the airport and upon arrival in Bahrain.

Processing Time and Cost

For Pakistani citizens interested in obtaining a Bahrain e-visa, here's an overview of the expected processing times and costs:

Processing time for Bahrain e-Visa applications:

  • Standard Processing: It takes about 6 to 8 business days and is suitable for those who can plan their trip.
  • Urgent Processing: It takes 4 to 6 business days to process and incurs an additional fee, but it is ideal for those needing a quicker turnaround.
  • Super Urgent Processing: Processing takes 2 to 4 business days for immediate travel needs, incurring an extra charge.

Cost of a Bahrain e-Visa:

  • The price for obtaining a Bahrain e-visa varies based on several factors, including the type of visa (such as tourist, business, or family visas), number of entries, and the applicant's nationality, which may affect the fee due to diplomatic relationships between countries.
  • Processing Time Choice: Applicants can opt for standard or expedited processing associated with higher fees.

For the most current e-visa fee structure, applicants should consult the Bahrain e-visa fee page.

What are the tips for a successful Bahrain E-Visa application?

  • Double-check all entered information and documents for accuracy to avoid delays or rejections.
  • Apply in advance to accommodate any unforeseen processing delays.
  • Keep digital and physical copies of your e-visa and all travel documents.

In conclusion, the Bahrain e-Visa for Pakistani citizens simplifies travel preparation, offering a convenient online application system. By following the guidelines and tips in this comprehensive guide, applicants can look forward to a smooth journey to the Kingdom of Bahrain.


  • Can I extend my Bahrain e-Visa while in Bahrain?
    Extensions may be possible for certain visa types. It's recommended to check with the Bahraini immigration authorities for the most accurate information.
  • Is the e-Visa for Bahrain multiple entry?
    This depends on the type of visa issued. Most tourist e-visas are single-entry, but multiple-entry visas may be available for business travellers.
  • What if my e-visa application is denied?
    The Bahraini authorities will typically provide the reason for a denial. Applicants can address the issue and reapply if necessary.
  • What steps should be taken if an error is identified in my application after submitting it?
    Ensuring accuracy before submitting your Bahrain visa application is vital. Should you discover a mistake after submission, it's important to contact the customer support team for guidance and correction immediately.

  • How quickly can I apply for a Bahrain visa from Pakistan?
    The application process for a Bahrain visa is notably quick, often requiring less than 10 minutes to fill out the form and attach the necessary documents. This streamlined process is designed to ease your preparation for the trip.


How to Apply for a Bahrain eVisa

  • Step 1: Complete the online application form with your personal details and passport information.
  • Step 2: Make your online payment securely using a credit card or other accepted methods.
  • Step 3: Receive your Bahrain eVisa confirmation and receipt via email. Your eVisa will be delivered electronically.

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