Saudi Arabian Embassy in Manama

Contact No.   : (+973) 1 753 7722
Fax   : (+973) 1 753 3261
Email   :
Official Website   :

Head of Mission: Abdullah Abdulmalik Al Sheikh, Ambassador

Granted Visa Types

Visa types granted by Saudi Arabia are;

  • Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Business Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Transit Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Student Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Medical/Medical Attendant Visas
  • Saudi Arabia Employment & Project Visa
  • Saudi Arabia Diplomatic / Official Visa

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Beth Tumolva

Dear Sir/Madam, my name is Beth Tumolva I am working in a recruitment agency. We have a nurse applicant who studied and completed her Nursing degree in Royal College of Surgeons in Bahrain. She has been offered a job in Saudi Arabia. When we apply for her visa we are required by Saudi Embassy Washington to legalise/authenticate and apostille her Degree In Nursing. Please kindly advise the procedure on how we can legalise/authenticate and apostile her Degree. the visa to the Saudi Embassy Washington.

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